having a crush on me is gay regardless of what your gender is. its gay as hell

You might not have seem rvsa's efforts because she deleted after she continued to get attacked despite apologizing several times admitting she was ignorant to the subject both publicly and in private. I'm disgusted with her fans but lets not drag her in the mud when she did more than most cishets would. I agree her fanbase is shit but she is a genuinely good person, seriously. The sj side of tumblr has its toxic side lets not be ignorant to it.

hey i was done talking about this like 2 days ago but i really dont think you’re following my line of reasoning here, i never said she was a bad person but she did a bad thing & her fanbase did worse things & it was good of her to leave.

Are you friends with hiphopfightsback?



I hope so

I accept your friend-ship.

one thing i love about Hazel is sometimes i’ll complain to her about something that’s bugging me thinking it’s a little petty but she gets just as upset as i do. like today i was waiting for the bus on one of those slanted, anti-homeless benches so i sent her a picture like “look at this shit” & she was like “that’s BS let’s do some direct action when i get home” & i was like ♥__♥

29 days until girlfriend


geminis are very social people but extremely reticent about who they let into their lives. they are possibly one of the most intimately reserved signs of the zodiac. when they get talking about a topic of fascination, and the light bulb illuminates their mercury eyes, then this is gemini love, and if you are the topic of that conversation, then it’s you they love


Does anyone know anything about Reed College in Oregon??????? (Posting for a friend) I want to know what the pros and cons are and why you like the college!


  • fantastic & rigorous academics
  • very very pretty campus
  • relatively progressive student body
  • super cool traditions
  • Portland is rad
  • student body that really cares about what’s going on with the school, even though they care about different things in different ways, we’re very invested in making this place live up to our expectations
  • pretty queer-friendly


  • pretty big (but avoidable) stress culture
  • way less leftist than the motto would suggest—rich white liberals everywhere
  • for real, student body is very white & very rich
  • big drug culture which can be more a pro or more a con depending on what you’re into but definitely has big faults
  • some assholes but that’s true of anywhere

uhh that’s all i can think of at the moment. there are things that really frustrate me about Reed but i love it a lot


acronym for oppressed sexuailties and genders: AKMS

Men who like pastel colors
Straight women who are always mistaken for lesbians, just because they have short hair, can you believe it? 




people who use the term “femnazi”………..yikes.

Feminazi is fitting for a belligerent little girl like you. I can see why you don’t like the kitchen now. You ca’t stand the heat.


also one of my campers threw a fork in another kid’s eye. im going to lose it